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spare the hassle… enjoy the dazzle™

It’s a once in a lifetime occasion, your most special day, and a huge emotional and financial investement. Your wedding day is too important for you to depend on amateurs. Don’t take any chances with the quality of your wedding or with your enjoyement and memory of your special day!

Don’t further burden family and wedding party by assigning them wedding day tasks and asking for favors and then worrying about the outcome, let them enjoy the occassion too. And don’t be fooled by site coordinators whose wedding day duties are very limited and whose primary goals are to protect the site and not to cater your personal needs.

The good news is that a wedding coordinator is only a small fraction of your wedding cost. With so much at stake and with the rising wedding costs, the services of a wedding coordinator are increasingly sought after.

However there are still many brides that are inexperienced and understimate the complexity and stress of a wedding. They are sometimes too trusting and optimistic about the outcome of a non professionally managed wedding day. The majority of these brides either later regret not hiring a wedding coordinator or agree that hiring one would have enabled them to have a smoother and more enjoyable wedding.

Considering the huge benefits and great affordability, a wedding coordinator is anything but optional!

Now offering promotional “Day Of” (Wedding Day) Packages starting at $499. Inquire for details.

We also offer several planning packages for different needs and budgets, including complete one stop full service planning, see our service page for details.