Bridal Consulting Specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area


“Irene is very creative in her artistic vision and she is also very detail-oriented, a hard to find combination. I found that she has thought through everything we’d need to know for the wedding and even drew cute diagrams. She’ll take a theme and develop it completely, from a film noir party to an all-out 80’s bash. Best of all, she loves doing this type of thing and it shows in her enthusiasm and dedication.” —Joy Dalip

“Irene has a keen eye for style, flair for fashion, and meticulous attention to detail. She will make sure your wedding is the ultimate event of a lifetime.” —Gina Yip

“Irene has such a unique combination of creativity and party planning skills! The wedding featured the most unexpectedly wonderful details, including a gorgeous sunset ceremony with a simple yet touching blending of sands to signify the intertwining of two people’s lives, music that ranged from Top 40 to Arabic to Tango and worked perfectly together, topped off by fun dance performances from the couple and then their family! The evening was such a blast, and was by far one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended.” —Yu Chen

“Thank you so much for being there on our wedding day! You and your assistant were fabulous! I have no words to describe what a relief it was to have you there taking over and holding a bottle of cold water for me! Wonderful!” —Megan Hart