Bridal Consulting Specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area

Why hire a wedding consultant?

With the high costs of throwing a wedding, will it cost me more to hire a wedding consultant?

A consultant is part of your wedding budget and should not be viewed as an extra expense. It is more likely that you will end up saving money because the consultant can suggest more affordable and valuable choices. The consultant will work with you to stay within your planned budget to put together the wedding you envision, including the consultant’s fee.

The task of planning a wedding is extremely daunting and very time consuming. Brides often underestimate the actual amount of time and work involved in the process.

Wedding consultants will save you stress during the whole wedding planning phase and especially on the actual day of the wedding. They can recommend venues and professional vendors in the area that fit your budget and needs. They will provide you with advice and insight and carefully review vendor contracts. Consultants can do the legwork for you and take care of logistics and all you have to do is simply choose and approve vendor choices, designs, music, menus etc... In other words they do the hard and time consuming work and you get to do the fun part.

If you realistically don’t have time or if you just have no desire to plan a wedding then seriously consider hiring the services of a wedding consultant.

Is a wedding planning service really necessary or is it a luxury?

The answer to that question is all a matter of time and money. If you have the time, skills, and inclination, a simpler wedding package suffices. At a minimum, this would ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly and is more enjoyable. However, if the thought of spending 200+ hours planning a wedding is overwhelming, or if the cost of your time would dwarf the consultant’s fee, a full production wedding package may be for you. The quality of your event would benefit from the skills of a professional, and you will avoid the stress and hassle of planning such a complex event.

We have several packages from simple coordination to full service production that fits every need and budget.

If I have the time to plan my wedding shouldn’t I try to save money by doing everything myself?

Strongly consider a simple coordination package. This will ensure a smoother and more enjoyable wedding for the bride and groom. Even with meticulous advance planning, a wedding day without a coordinator is like a movie with no director or an orchestra with no conductor. Regardless of the competence of the vendors, problems will arise. Many small tasks go unaccounted for, such as who will take care of the guest book, move the gifts and money box, line up the wedding party, oversee vendor set up, etc...

With weddings increasing in costs and complexity, an affordable basic package (that comes at a fraction of the price of your wedding) helps ensure that the wedding day will be successful. Most of all, with all you have invested financially and emotionally in your wedding, a consultant’s help will make your day not only more dazzling but extremely enjoyable and memorable for the bride and groom.

Will I loose control over creative and financial aspects of planning my wedding? Will the vision and my specific choices be realized on my wedding day?

A good wedding consultant should listen carefully to your needs to clearly communicate your vision to vendors. It’s your wedding! The wedding consultant does the hard and time-consuming work but you get to do the fun and creative part. A wedding consultant should act as your advocate and creative partner and should make you feel comfortable. Steer away from bossy or “know what’s better for you” types or anyone who does not stick to your budget.

My Ceremony and/or reception site already has a “coordinator”. Why should I hire a personal wedding coordinator when I already have one?

Some ceremony sites have their own on-site coordinators. Though they can play an important role, their main function is to protect the location or place of worship and make sure that all their rules and restrictions are followed. When you hire us, we will work together with the ceremony coordinator but our role is very different; we are representing you and not the site. We will attempt to solve any issue that comes up and take care of small emergencies, assist the family and bridal party and transfer your belongings to the reception site.

Some hotels have a “coordinator” on site and a limited list of preferred vendors, who have worked for the hotel and may or may not be in your price range or the style you are looking for. These hotels promote a one-stop-shop wedding, which is very appealing to an inexperienced bride who does not see the possible downside. Unfortunately, the site coordinators are acting on the behalf of the venue rather than on your behalf. Their job function is very limited and they typically leave when dinner is served at which time the dining floor manager takes over. This is not an issue if you have your own independent personal coordinator overseeing all of the day’s events from beginning to end, dealing with issues, trying to solve problems and being prepared for emergencies that a hotel coordinator will not tackle. We will set up your guest book, money box, pass favors and programs, move your gifts and belongings to your room, bring you cocktails while you take pictures, deal with any family issues that might arise, bustle your dress, help you change veils, and personally take care of you. These and many other tasks that are outside the realm of a hotel coordinator’s functions are very important and too much to ask of relatives or the bridal party. Having your own personal independent wedding coordinator is indispensable to truly enjoy your wedding day without constantly being pulled away from family, friends and guests to answer questions on timing, instructions, set up, seating, etc…